Monday, May 23, 2011

Daddy's Girls

Jason works so hard for our family.
As many of you know, he takes care of the trees for a high profile project in Manhattan.
Some days that means he is in the city from early morning, through the day into the evening (like today).
Other days it means he works long hours at a holding facility for the trees who are being cultivated for planting when the project is ready for them.
His company has gotten some contracts to do cutting-edge research-type stuff and 
Jason is one of 5 people in the state that has the necessary qualifications to do this,
so he is also working long hours on those projects.
He often works 6 days a week to get everything done.

Jason will work long, crazy hours and still come home and
put in an organic garden (his idea!) because we are going to study botany,
build a piano for American Girl dolls,
paint the piano,
find time to read to the girls.
He is a wonderful, dedicated father & husband.
Always supportive, always putting in 250%.
Jason always gives the girls & I everything we need and want and then some.

Last Friday,
the girls and I decided to make a special celebration to show our appreciation.

We made signs

We made Brownies

A remembered a recipe in her
Southern Living Kids Cookbook
where you chop up peanut butter cups and put them on top of the Brownies
(Jason LOVES peanut butter!!)

Then you bake them for a few more minutes

We hung the signs on the doors

(kitchen from sunporch)

We had gone shopping to get all of the things for his favorite meal
meatloaf, small red potatoes and green beans with spaetzel.

We also picked up a nice beer to try.

When he got home
we may
or may not
have sung
Come on..
We gonna celebrate 
& have a good time!"

After enjoying our beer and conversation,
our meal was ready
(Ok, so there are some processed foods here, these are his faves!--I am TRYING!!)

Then we cuddled with him on the couch 
& told him how much we LOVE him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There were gifts involved,
but I forgot to photograph them.
Oh, well.

we could ever ask for!!!!!!

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