Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Exactly Where I'm Supposed to Be

Did you ever just feel like you are in exactly the right place where you were meant to be?

It is such a blessing when that happens, isn't it?

You stop trying to chase things.
You accept that not everything is perfect.
You are just grateful for what you have and where you are and who you are.

That is where I am right now.

Sure, there are things that I wish were different. 

But for the most part, I feel so blessed and happy.  I have two beautiful, healthy little girls who are confident and smart and funny and empathetic.  I love how much A loves to read.  I love how funny P is.  I love that A loves art.  I love how P loves music.  I like them as people, not just because they are my kids, but because they are growing into young ladies that I think are really cool people.  That is such a blessing.

I am super thrilled with the opportunities and challenges my husband has been given at work.  He has been honored with yet another amazing project that is new and different and cutting edge and research driven and so cool.  He feels challenged and respected at work.  His company is creating a special niche for him and that is so awesome and amazing and such a blessing!  He was recognized yesterday at the top level of his company.  He is regularly on the local news because of a project he is on.  It's such a blessing!

My husband and I have grown together.  We share so many of the same interests and hobbies from photography to gourmet cooking to yoga to craft beer.  Several nights a week, when he gets home from work, we used to sit and sample a different beer and talk about our day, our dreams, our plans, our goals.  Now he is training for a 5K, so we walk/run together in the evenings and talk about our day.  That is such a blessing.

My parents and grandmother and aunt and uncle are healthy and vibrant and a big part of our lives.  That is such a blessing.  We have a good relationship with Jason's (step)dad and younger brother now and that is such a blessing.  We will get to spend some time this summer with Jason's aunt and her husband.  That is such a blessing.  We will get to spend time with Jason's stepsister and her husband next weekend and that is such a blessing.

My job allows me to homeschool my girls and to bring them to work with me.  My girls feel like our public library is their second home.  I work with awesome people who are fun and funny and cool and who treat my girls really well.  They are the kind of young people who are excellent role models and I am glad that my girls like them so much.  I have an amazing Buddhist boss who has taught me so much about worldview and has said that she respects and admires me for taking the responsibility of my children's education.  My direct supervisor is open to my ideas and suggestions. I get cool opportunities to run programs and order materials and create reading lists.  That is such a blessing.

I am challenged and satisfied, healthy and loved.   I have great books to read.  I have a comfortable home and food on the table. I have been blessed with good health.  I can homeschool.  Every night when I get in bed, I am excited to think of how wonderful the next day will be.  I am enjoying my life.  I have been blessed.  I am exactly where I am supposed to be.