Thursday, June 23, 2011

Guest Post: Fun Summer Reads for Kids

Today I am guest posting about Summer Reading (complete with a reading list where you are guaranteed to find something for every young reader) over at Coolest Family on the Block.

Coolest Family on the Block is a great blog about creating childhood and family memories.  Jenn regularly posts about traditions you can start in your home, birthday party theme ideas, crafts and activities you can do with your child.  Childhood is short, but Jenn can really help you make the most of it over at Coolest Family on the Block.

Please hop over and take a look at my post:

Long hot summer days are a great time for lazing away with a good book.

Even if your children want to be active during the day, why not cuddle together at night with a good book?

When my girls were little, I looked forward to reading to them in bed at night.  Now that they are 9 and 11, one of our favorite things to do is pop a big bowl of popcorn and snuggle together in my Queen size bed, each reading our own books.  Sometimes we read really funny or good parts aloud to each other.  I believe that if children associate reading with a quiet, cuddly, snuggly, comfortable family time where they feel loved, they will be much more inclined to grow up to enjoy reading.

As a children’s librarian, one of my favorite things is helping children to find books that will inspire a lifelong love of reading.  These may be different books for... read more over at Coolest Family on the Block...