Thursday, July 21, 2011

Saranac Brewery

If you have been around here for awhile, you know that the hubs and I LOVE craft beer.  
The hubs is registered on RateBeer.
We love to try new craft beer.
Stout, porter, lager, Belgians, wheat name it...we will try it!
The hubs reads books about beer.
He researches and plans our purchases and trials.

Our friends at the lake knew this and suggested that we tour a local brewery.

We had been looking forward to it all winter!

Isn't this the cutest little area?
  The collector steins:
 The kids, whose parents take them to breweries on
 P.T. Barnum's desk
(the detail is amazing)
The founder of the brewery bought the desk and it's double sided so he and his secretary could sit at the same desk to work ;)

Oil can style beer cans:

They asked for volunteers...

I got to play with malt...FUN!


 Where the action happens:

This is a REAL working brewery!

This is where ALL Saranac beers are made!

Cool old scale:

My fave:
Once you smell this, then drink a dark beer...WOW!

Jack Daniels gives away their barrels.
Saranac is aging their Black Forest in these barrels...soon, if tasters like it, it may hit the market!


Double fisted:
 Like her mama!

Kids in Taverns:
 and the adults who brought them there ;-)


Now, you know why I love her: