Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Twin Duvet Cover on the Cheap

In our house, 
we love down & feather bedding.
We all love to be enveloped in the softness of our down pillows,
cuddled up in our down comforters.
We have light down comforters for mild weather,
and thick, puffy down comforters for cold winter nights.
We sleep engulfed in down ALL YEAR LONG.
We love it!

What I don't love
is paying $80 for a twin size duvet cover.
It's like a big pillowcase.
It's not even as involved as a comforter,
yet they are more expensive.
Makes no sense to me.

I have a daughter who sews.
she has a mama who is cheap, frugal, resourceful, creative, inventive.

I try not to pay retail.
I shop Marshalls, TJ Maxx, outlets...
We looked high and low for a King Size Sheet Set.
Have you ever seen two twin size box springs used for a king sized bed?
A king bed is basically two twin beds pushed together.

We found sheets we liked,
that would look good with the funky green paint in A's room,
at Christmas Tree Shops
for dirt cheap:
Oh yeah!
Sadly, it didn't work QUITE the way I had thought.
I didn't account for the sides of the comforter needing to be a bit longer than the sheet.
Ollie still thought it was comfy ;-)

It required cutting a section from the fitted sheet.
Actually, we cut a section from each the fitted and the flat sheet,
and sewed them together.
Neither A nor I were comfortable with the cutting,
so we enlisted the help of the Old Seamstress herself.

But A did all the sewing:)
Ye Old Seamstress taught her to make a french seam :)
Which is basically a double seam to you & I.
Unless you sew, then you knew that.
It looks more finished, more polished :)

Doesn't it look Grrrrr--eat!  in A's room?

And A is pretty darn proud of herself for sewing this!

Buying sheets saved us money.
Also, fabric would not have been wide enough,
there would have been a seam in the middle.

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