Friday, August 19, 2011

Back to School Traditions

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I am very excited about these photos
that were in an old Picasa album that is linked to this blog ;-)
These are from a few years ago,
when A was starting third grade
and P was starting first grade.

Oh, how I wanted to homeschool that year...
But I was afraid.
I sent them to school. 
The day before we had a special day together.

I took the girls to get manicures:

I took them to Pizza Hut for lunch.

and we got the chocolate pizza:

Flashing the peace sign was apparently very cool.
And P is...well, P.

After lunch we went to one of our favorite playgrounds.

 The night before the first day of school,
Jason read with A:

I made special muffins for breakfast and put flowers on the table:
(you can see the MCP Phonics book we had used over the summer--
oh, how I longed to homeschool!)

 The girls had new dresses for their first day of school.

 and new backpacks:

 While the girls were at school,
I made them these banana whoopie pies:

Last year, I finally got up the nerve to homeschool.
We celebrated by eating ice cream sundaes for 
on the day that the public school kids went back to school!
 Then Chrissy the Librarian
came over with Rita's for lunch:

This year,
we are having a
 NOT back to school tea party
with our homeschool friends
to celebrate that we are 
NOT going back to school!!!!

I am SO glad
that my girls are
going back to school
and that we get to learn together
at home :)