Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blowing Glass

Back in the winter, when we learned about the Phoenicians, 
we learned that they were one of the first peoples to realize you could make glass from sand...and melt and blow it.
The girls and I spent HOURS watching youtube videos on glass blowing.
We were fascinated.

When we were at the beach
the girls got the chance to

Seriously cool.

Thomas Stevens, one of the founders of Hot Glass in Asbury Park, NJ explains the process and what the girls will be doing.

Each girl picked color to add to the glass.  The color is added in crystals and then fired into the glass.

Then the girls had the opportunity to twist the glass to make a swirl with the color.

Thomas Stevens then rolled the glass.

A got her first chance to blow some glass :)

After A blew it the first time :)

P got her first chance to blow :)


shaping P's piece

A blew some more :)

P blew some more :)

Water is touched around the rim, the shock in temperature makes the glass release from the stick.

Mad Props to Thomas Stevens
and the staff at Hot Sand

This was an absolutely amazing experience.
It is something we are DEFINITELY planning to do again.