Thursday, August 25, 2011

How to Create an Inlinkz Linky

A friend of mine asked me how set up an inlinkz linky.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, it is especially so when teaching someone how to do something online, yes?

So, here is a little tutorial on how to set up an inlinkz linky.

First, you need to go to the inlinkz site.

Once you set up an account, they will send you an email.  You probably know the drill: go to your email, click on the link...

Once you have signed in with your account:

That will bring you to this screen, click on "Create New Collection":

Next, you will come to this screen and fill it in with your topic, what you want on your blog (required), start and end dates, etc.  I usually leave a linky open for a full week.  Also, you CAN schedule a linky to start at a later time and then embed the code in your post and schedule your post for that time as well.

 After you fill it all in, you will get code.  Which code you grab depends on your blog platform. For Blogger Copy the first box.

Go to your blog post, 
click on html on the upper left
(this is the new Blogger Dashboard, but it's in the same place in the previous version of Blogger.)

Don't worry, you don't need to understand Html.
Just scroll all the way to the bottom and Paste in the code that you grabbed.

Then you can switch back to Compose :)
In the new version of Blogger, I notice that you can't always see the Html you entered in Compose mode.
Click on Preview if you want to make sure it is there ;-)

Then, you can schedule the post if you are not ready to publish it.
Go over to the right, sort if in the center it says Schedule, when you click on it a calendar will pull down.
You can schedule date and time :)

This is ALWAYS the scariest part for me.
Click Publish.
Yes, even though you don't want it to publish right then and there.
Clicking Publish will schedule the post to publish when you programmed it to publish :)

If you want to have a Linky Party (i.e., have several bloggers each have the same linky list show up on all of their blogs for their readers to link up to) choose the fourth code down.

The third code will show the linky list on Reader.