Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Day in Our Life

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We have not yet started our school year.
I did write a post 
last spring.
But, my work schedule has changes
and I want to make some changes to our school schedule as well.

6:00-6:30am I typically get up between 6 & 6:30

6:30-7:00am I drink my coffee, eat my cereal, check for comments on my blog, check email, read & comment on blogs

7-8:00am Yoga - this has become routine this summer and I hope to stick with it!  It makes my whole day go smoother.

8:00am P usually gets up as I am finishing yoga.  She lays in my bed and waits for me to be done and then we cuddle.  Another change from A Day in Our Life back in the spring is that I have enforced a bedtime policy with A, she is in bed with a book by 9pm and lights out by 11pm, so she has been getting up earlier and is MUCH more pleasant in the morning :)

8:30am After cuddling in my bed and talking about our day, the girls get up and eat breakfast, make their beds and tidy up their rooms while I either take a shower and get ready for the day or do laundry, dishes, etc.

9:00am  We start school with Vocabulary Vine.  We review the Latin & Greek roots that we learned and we introduce a new one and the girls make their notecards and commit the root to memory.

9:15am  Geography  We review what we have learned and learn a few new facts

9:45am  Journaling  This is something new that we are going to do this year.  I have kept a journal since I was a child.  I would love for the girls to get into the habit or expressing their emotions, feelings, thoughts and concerns this way.  We plan to journal everyday.  It will be a time for free writing, for the girls to get the feeling of writing just flowing.

10:15am  Math and Writing  - For the most part, the girls are independent in these subjects, so while they work I can do some housework or get a shower and get ready for the day.  I will be available for questions, of course.


Our plan is to spend two afternoons a week deeply immersing ourselves in History (Story of the World Volume 2) and all of the wonderful activities and supplemental reading that goes with it AND two afternoons will be devoted to Real Science 4 Kids Biology Level 1 and all of the experiments and scientific observations.

I will be working one full day each week this year.  My plan is to read history with P and have her do her narration and to go over her Writing with Ease for the day BEFORE work or while on a break (the girls come to work with me).  The girls will be able to have a room in the library to work independently on their Math and Grammar.  P will do Copywork and A will do her History reading and narration independently, as well as her Writing independently.  

On Monday afternoons, the girls will have piano and sewing lessons.
On Tuesday they will have choir and church youth group.
On Wednesday A will have Drawing Club and P will have an Art class.
Every other Thursday we will attend our homeschool knitting group.
Fridays will be open for playdates, field trips, park days, etc.
That will be our year in a nutshell.
Hopefully it all works out
and I continue to get up early naturally
and do yoga
and the girls continue to go to bed at a reasonable time
and get up at a reasonable time...
and hopefully we get a lot done before lunch...
because after lunch we kind of fizzle out...