Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's how I roll...

My blog is probably the most unfocused blog on the internet...and it's about to get worse! ha!

I just have too many interests to narrow it down to one topic.  So, a great big thanks to all of my followers for putting up with my all-over-the-place posts!

I love Christmas.

It is my absolute favorite time of the year!

I always used to start shopping MONTHS in advance.  Partly because then I have MONTHS of anticipating peoples' reactions to the gifts I got them and also so that I don't have to deal with the push and shove of crowds in December.  I love to spend the month of December baking and crafting and decorating our home.

Mary at Homegrown Learners shared with me that her family makes donations in family members' names to charity organization for Christmas.  Last year, her children each got a couple of things and her family made some donations in her children's names.  My kids have SO much.  Seriously, it's embarrassing how much they have.  I go through their things several times a year and make big donations to Goodwill and The Lupus or Veterans Foundations.  We have WAY more than we need.  Jason LOVES the idea of making a donation in the girls' names, we are looking at different possibilities based on the girls' interests and where we think they would like to help.

But there are some things that we want the girls to have, that they will need.  There are things that Jason could use as well.  We are being very intentional with our spending this year and that feels really good.  As I think of things that we will need, I add them to the girls' Amazon lists and Amazon lets me know when they come down in price :)

I also found some great deals this weekend.

One was free shipping at Land's End.  Just click the : Click Here to Claim.

Where I managed to snag some things for winter ;-)  Now let's hope I don't give in to temptation to give them out before Christmas...