Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer Wrap UP

Summer learnin'...had me a blast...
Summer learnin'...went by so fa-ast.

We schooled this summer.

I figured if we worked over the summer, we could be a little more laid back all year.

I think we  learn better when we are not cramming it all in at once, but rather, a little at a time.

The girls memorized all fifty states and capitals.

We completed the unit on Nouns in Easy Grammar.

We learned some Latin & Greek Roots.  Eight weeks was not long enough to complete this program, so we will happily continue it into the fall.  I can not say enough good things about this program.  I think Vocabulary Vine is AWESOME!  You learn three roots a week.  The kids make note cards with the root and several sample words.  By the third week, they are able to figure out the meaning of the sample words.  They are encouraged to write their own definitions for the words.  There are also TONS of fun games to play with the roots, which further helps them to stick!

We also learned about Botany.  We chose this program because Jason works with plants and trees and I thought it would be a neat way to get him involved.  I thought the first 5 or 6 chapters were wonderful, after that, I personally thought that it got too involved in things that I couldn't see us remembering or really ever needing to know, unless we pursued a career in plant science.  I also felt that there was not enough hands-on with the stuff that we would never need to know to help some of it to stick.  I am the crazy mom who LOVES science experiments--the messier the better!  But I did LOVE the free notebooking pages at Jeanne Fulbright's website.  We were able to incorporate art and writing into this study using those pages.

Both of my girls are really into fashion.  This summer we began a fashion study, which you can read about here: Teaching History Through Fashion.