Tuesday, August 9, 2011

When your weekend is like a vacation...

I am at the age where I can admit that I am a complete & total homebody.
I prefer being home.
I need time at home to rest and rejuvenate and recharge.

This summer we have been GO GO GO,

We have been out everyday,
said no to nothing.
Our house was a dropping off point,
with stuff dropped in spots where it didn't belong
and no time or energy to put it away.

The hubs is working on a HUGE project
which is set to open in just over a month.
Work has been exciting for him lately.

We all needed a rest.
So we said a polite {I hope}
"No, thank you,"
to plans.
And we stayed home.

I made a chocolate bundt cake from scratch - just because! I love having time for stuff like that!

We weeded our gardens.  
As you can see, it was much needed.

We are very proud of our corn & peas.
I am addicted to the lettuce & radishes we are growing.

I took plenty of time to play with Picasa.
There are certainly a TON of benefits to Photoshop &Lightroom & Aperture,
but Picasa is SUPER user friendly and fun!

I made a blog button for 
Three Thinking Mothers.

Now you can be a Thinking Mother, too!

I got to hang out with this hot guy <3

The hubs grilled clams
He also copied a recipe that his friend made when they were tailgating.
I kind of love the idea of
men giving each other recipes
while tailgating! 
These shrimp in foil packets with butter and seasonings
were AWESOMELY good :)

and ribs

Family R &R was the order of the weekend.

We all appreciate the Italian glasses we got on our brewery tour while at the lake.

And it left us prepared for the next three weekends,
all of which are very busy!