Friday, September 2, 2011

Facelift & Concerns

Do I have your attention? LOL!

Three Thinking Mothers has gotten a facelift!  We are thrilled to have been offered fantastic opportunities just three months after we launched this website.  We are thrilled with the response and support from the homeschool community.  Three Thinking Mothers has something for EVERY homeschool mom, no matter her philosophy, religious affiliation or the age of her children.  Please stop by and take a look at our brand new spiffy website!  Tracey at Little Bitty Design Studio did an awesome job and we could not be more pleased with the results!  Please stop by and check it out!

Today I am blogging at Three Thinking Mothers about what concerns me about homeschooling...please head on over there and share your thoughts on what concerns you about homeschooling!

A year ago, when we began our homeschooling journey, I had many more concerns, but we have seen our way around them.  I was concerned about my ability, my patience, the girls' interaction with other people; I was concerned about opportunities and experiences that they could have in a classroom and school setting, but not get being homeschooled.  I have learned that while homeschooling may be different, the experiences are just as positive - if not more so - than being in school....Read more at Three Thinking Mothers.