Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Island Living

There is something that happens when people are faced with disaster.
On the eve of Saturday, August 27, Hurricane Irene blustered into our area and spent the night pounding on our houses.
The next day and the day after that, our town was an island.  No way in and no way out.
It is not pleasant to live like this.  

We didn’t have power, but we are very, very grateful for an ipad with 3G to stay informed.

We walked around our neighborhood, surveying her damages and running into friends and neighbors.

It kind of reminded me of the lake.  We were all forced to slow down, we took the time to say more than hello.

If someone needed something and you had it, you were happy to help.  I gave away boxes of candles and Fastplug and stood on my neighbor’s lawn eating drippy melting ice cream before it went bad since power was out and would be for days.  Jason helped people with their trees.

Neighbors stopped in for beers.

Children dressed the beers up.

We stopped into our neighbors’ homes for beers.

We helped our neighbors polish off the food in their fridges and freezers before it went bad.

We combined food with our neighbors and cooked it on their grill.

Jason was more than happy to play Grill Chef.

We took walks after dinner to see if the water had receded and if we would be able to get "off the island" and out to work the next day.  

Although we are still without power, Jason was able to get to work on Monday.  I am proud that my husband is one of the people who is certified to remove trees from power lines and he is helping to restore power to homes all over the Garden State.