Friday, October 14, 2011

Blogs, Groups & Boards: Creating Our Own Tribe

This week on Three Thinking Mothers we are writing about "Finding Our Tribe".  Please hop on over and check it out...

We responded to a lot of events all over the state of New Jersey last year.  We were eager to make friends and we did.  We enjoyed many afternoons with the Jersey Shore Homeschoolers and the North Jersey Homeschoolers.  We met many different families and the girls made many friends.  I was always looking for more friends, more people, more opportunities.

In a sense, we are creating our own tribe this year by contacting all of those friends that we met last year and inviting them to different events.  Yesterday we hosted a playdate at our house.  Next week we are meeting our core group at the Nature Preserve for a nature class.  The following week we are all going to see a play at a local community theatre.  We are making plans with friends for museum days and aquarium visits.
My friend, Kate, and I at an event with the kids :)

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