Saturday, October 1, 2011

Favorite Resource this Week - Biography Book Report Forms

Today I am linking up with Susan over at Learning All The Time
Favorite Resource This Week

My favorite resource this week was,
first of all this awesome book about The Acrobatic Empress.
This book really brought the Middle Ages to life for us!
The descriptions, the emotions, the drawings...we really enjoyed it!

In the past we did not have great luck with read-alouds,
but I think it may have been because the books we picked were too long
for us to enjoy reading aloud.

The other thing I loved was the Biography Book Report forms that I printed out.
The girls already write summaries as part of both their history and their writing curriculum,
so I wanted something a little different.

I did a Google search to get started and found this

That was my starting point.

I used some of those questions and added some of my own, such as:

What contributions did this person make?

What life lesson did you learn from reading about this person's life?
What events or actions in the story taught you about this life lesson?