Friday, October 21, 2011

Quality Time

This week,
well actually last weekend,
our family had the opportunity to spend some uninterrupted quality time together hiking in the woods near our home.

I love when we spend time together,
no matter what we do,
it is is magical.

I am grateful for
having beautiful places to walk and explore with my family.

I am grateful for the beautiful young woman that A is becoming.
I am grateful for our relationship and our conversations.

I am grateful for my shadow ;-)

One of my favorite things this week was that we got our family Christmas card photo DONE!
(and no, this is not it, I am not even posting it on the blog so it's a surprise...let's just say there are HUNDREDS of these...)

I am grateful that P is squishy and {still} lets me squeeze and cuddle her.

I am grateful for having a family that leans on each other.

I am grateful for family outings,
days spent together are always priceless!

I am grateful that through homeschooling
I feel that I have slowed down my girls' childhood 
and allowed them to be children just a bit longer...

I am ever so grateful that my girls adore each other.
This week I asked them to each write a description of their ideal friend...
and they both wrote about each other...

I love our macro lens!
We have a LOT of fun with it!!

I am grateful to be able to capture these family moments and to write about them,
and to have this blog for my family to look back on...

I am grateful that I met this man 19 years ago...

...and that he is the BEST father in the world!

What are you grateful for?
What brought you joy this week?

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