Sunday, November 13, 2011

Anything But Boring Grammar Review

I was contacted by Reader's Digest to review several of their grammar books and I was given the opportunity to offer one of each book for a giveaway to my readers!

The first book I decided to review was Write (Or Is That "Right"?) Every Time because I find that my girls often make mistakes with homophones.

This is not a textbook.

The front of the book actually has a place where you can inscribe it as a gift for your child.
(This would make a GREAT Christmas gift!!!)

This book could be used in the classroom.
Heck, I could see using it as a read-aloud.
It is definitely entertaining!

It is meant to be read as an entertaining informational book, which was a new concept for my girls.
They are used to non-fiction being just facts, not too much humor.

I asked A to look through the book and she enjoyed reading it aloud to P.
There are a lot of funny little things that will help children to remember the parts of speech, the rules of grammar and punctuation and when to use those homophones!

My girls also liked that there really is no exercises,
it is a book that is meant to be read,
maybe discussed,
and then used to look up things later
(there is a handy dandy index)!

I will be honest,
I was surprised how much my girls liked this book since they always seem to find grammar BOR-ing!
But this book is funny and has entertaining cartoons and drawings to really help kids remember the 
BOR-ing parts of grammar.

This book is anything BUT Bor-ing!

I was originally planning to do a giveaway with this book,
as I have done in the past,
however, I was recently reading about the legalities of Blog Giveaways
and I am a little nervous about doing a giveaway or a sweepstakes or whatever this would be called.