Monday, November 14, 2011

Picasa, oh how I love thee!

I am no blog or photo editing expert.
I do have Photoshop and it's great for many thing.
You can create a "new" blank project and add words and images to it...

But for simple photo editing and adding text to an image...
Free Picasa Photo Editing software from Google
is the

Follow the directions on your screen to download and install it.

Then you should have an icon like this on your Desktop:

Click on that and you will see a listing of your photos

You can make the choice to have them all stored in Picasa, but more than likely your machine will store them in its own photo file as well...personally I like to leave lots of room on my computers, so I only import the albums I want.  For instance, when I go in to edit a photo, if it is not yet imported into Picasa, they offer me that option and I select "make a copy" and voila!  I can edit the imported copy!
(this is great because if you want the original, it is still available as well).

The left hand side offers various editing options

I find the text options superior to Photoshop.

I find the interface much easier to use than Photoshop.

Click on text, you can put your cursor anywhere on the photo and type in what you want.

Resizing is a breeze, just click on the text and you see this box which allows you to resize until it looks right.

 It also lets you position the text the way you want.

You can also move the cursor around the color options, which changes the color of the text as you move around so you can see which color looks best on your photo.

There are also options to adjust brightness and contrast.

As well as special effects options.

It's seriously 

When you get your image the way you want it,
just click "File" and "Save As"

Type in a new name for the image and you are done.

Another awesome thing about Picasa Free Photo Editing is that it is a Google product,
Blogger seems to like this better than Photoshop images.
Many people will tell you that sometimes Photoshop images look "washed out" on Blogger,
but this is not the case with Picasa edited images.

COMING SOON: Making a Collage with Picasa!