Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Clean Your Bathroom for a Buck

Company coming for the holidays?
Want to make your bathroom sparkle for $2?

This stuff is the shizznit!

You can buy it at the Dollar Tree for a buck
and it cleans like nobody's business!

I am not kidding.
We have hard well water.
(We get it tasted annually, don't worry.)
Hard well water makes these reddish brown stains on porcelain and shower curtains.

I tried ALL kinds of eco-minded cleaners and expensive cleaners.
I tried steaming.
I tried scaling.
I tried scrubbing.

I was at a loss
and tired of my commode looking like a cheap rest stop toilet.
I did some searching on-line and discovered this stuff.

Hands down, Amazing!

I would show you photos, but it seems kind of personal.

All I can say is, if you are tired of ring-around-the-bowl, go to Dollar Tree and for 1 buck your commode can shine again!

(I did not make any money or get any free product from this.  It's just my personal review.)