Tuesday, January 3, 2012

National Geographic

I have a bad late night habit of getting on the computer and getting too tired to get off.  My eyes are literally half closed and I have no energy to get up from the computer, so I surf the web, read blogs, check emails, tweet...and Google my name, my husband's name...whatever I can think of to not have to get up from the couch or bed and put the laptop down...

A few weeks ago, I Googled Jason's name.  In addition to various things he is doing as Chairman of our local Shade Tree Commission, there were a lot of things relating to the WTC Memorial.  One of those things was a quote in A Place of Remembrance: The Official Book of the National September 11 Memorial (9/11 Memorial) published by National Geographic.

Jason was sleeping when I found it (as I tend to Google late, late at night).  My first thought was to wake him up, but then I decided to order it and give it to him for Christmas.

If you know me, you know that keeping a secret THAT BIG is really hard for me.

But I managed to do it!

He opened it and thought it was cool to have a book about the project.

I told him to flip to the page that was marked.

I had a post-it under his name.

His girls were so proud of him!

Our whole family was able to express their pride in him,
their congratulations.

It was a very special moment. 

I am so glad that I waited until Christmas--
so that we could share that moment with our family!