Monday, December 19, 2011

A Wonderful Weekend

We had an AWESOME weekend.

It was just what I needed.

Santa came by on a fire truck Saturday morning.

I am so glad that my girls are still into this :)

My brother and sister-in-law are both finishing up the semester and wanted a weekend to themselves,
my parents offered to take all of the girls for a weekend sleepover.
It was tempting.
But A & P had to perform Sunday morning and afternoon 
in a Christmas concert.
So, we invited my parents and niece over Saturday afternoon.
The girls baked together,
and played together,
and made homemade chicken nuggets 
and dipping sauces together.
My niece ADORES P and P just eats it up--
P is so used to being the baby and having her "big sister" show her how to do things,
 P just LOVES being the "big one" and getting to show her little cousin how to do things :)

On Sunday,
the girls did an awesome job performing in our church's
Christmas Lessons and Carols.
We got home late in the afternoon and
A made her video for her vlog.
She launched the vlog with a 12 Days of Christmas theme.
12 homemade gift or decoration ideas :)  Smart girl.
P, Jason and I played games and ate cookies.
I worked on the stocking I am making for A 
and A worked on her embroidery while watching
"The Waltons".
I love lazy afternoons at home like that!

It was really just what I needed.

I know the roof is really a minor thing and it should not be causing me this much stress.

I know there are people out there with MUCH bigger issues and I am really just whining...but I started this blog to be honest and real about the real trials and tribulations of an average American family in the early part of the 21st century...and I see roof issues as part of the circumstances of average Americans.
I try to share my problems big and small, not to be an over-sharer, but to be honest and open and upfront about what it really is like to be an average American wife at this point in time.

Plus, my fantasy is that when my girls are 40, they will look at this blog and they will see that maybe I had some of the same problems or feelings that they do.  When they are 40, I will be 70 and I will be in a completely different place in my life and I may not remember the stress or the feelings of being a young mother.  But through these words I am typing now, at 40, maybe I will make an impact on my girls when they are 40; maybe they will find comfort or understanding in these words should they choose to look at them 30 years from now.  Or, maybe someone else will.
It's all good.

Now that we finally found a roofer that we WANT to work we do it now or wait until spring?
What if we get tons of snow and ice and rain this winter?
What if we get a late spring or a lot of rain in spring?
So many variables.

But I have decided to just enjoy this last week before Christmas...
and to make a decision on the roof after the holidays...