Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Cookie Book

I have the Martha Stewart book
the Better Homes and Garden book
the Taste of Home book
the Family Fun book,
my ultimate all-time favorite Cookie Cookbook
is this one

My mom bought it for $3.95 at a book sale at my school when I was in second grade,
and we have used it to make Christmas cookies
year since.

The pictures may be a little dated,
even the ingredients are dated.
(I substitute butter for shortening.)

There are ratings and dates {in my mom's handwriting} from the first year we made each recipe.
The Snickerdoodles were so excellent we have made them every year since.

There are notes wedged in the pages from friends,
who had come to stay with us around the holidays,
YEARS and YEARS ago!
(this note is from Auntie M- Jason and my mutual friend who introduced us back in 1992;
she had come to stay with us when we lived in Connecticut
and helped us decorate our tree
and we bought a fondue pot and had a our only fondue party!)

There are so many memories in this book,
I love using it every year to make Christmas cookies :)