Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What Did YOU Do?

What have you done lately in your homeschool or home that another homeschool mom could benefit from?

It could be an art project, a science experiment,
an organization tip, a chore chart,
homeschool records, a great recipe, a diorama...

Here's what to do:
1. Write a post detailing HOW you did it...think Pioneer Woman recipes but with homeschool project ;-)
remember: a picture is worth 1000 words
2.  Grab a button from Red Oak Lane or Learning ALL the Time
3.  Link up at either Red Oak Lane or Learning ALL the Time

Remember posts about HOW you did something a year, two years, three years+ ago
are welcome to be linked up!

Let's revive some of those OLD posts, ladies!!

Link up as many posts as you want!

Don't forget to check our Pinterest Boards now...or when you need a science experiment or an art project or a recipe or a Lego idea...