Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Spring has Sprung!

Well, spring has sprung here in the Garden State!

What is not to love about these temperatures!

This week, I have been thankful for LOTS of time spent outside with 
our homeschool friends and neighbors.

Bike rides

Long walks with my girls

Hiking with our homeschool peeps

feeling better after a week of having the flu!

My mom making my favorite dinner and my dad getting me an ice cream cake to celebrate my birthday!

being ok with turning 40

 some "spruce up" projects around the house!

 going to the fabric warehouse & out to lunch with my mama & girls today!

 the girls' art class and the time I get to spend chatting with my friends!

A and my mom reading and discussing Diary of Anne Frank together!

A coordinating a homeschool book club and doing all of the planning & prep & cleaning for it!

P being such a sweet friend to her friends

my dad making American Girl doll beds for P's friends :)

P spending all day Monday sewing quilts and mattresses & pillows for the American Girl beds!

P's friends being OVER THE MOON EXCITED about the beds--lots and lots and lots of hugs!

My girls having SUCH great friends!

Jason feeling better after I gave him the flu -no thanks needed, honey ;-)

Jason being elected to serve on the International Society of Arboriculture Board !

plans to celebrate my birthday this weekend with friends - who were kind enough to postpone our plans because I was sick last week!

I am also thankful for REALLY funny friends
*Gordie Milne is a legendary guitar player on the Cape.
Our homeschool neighbor dad spent his college summers on the Cape,
working in bars, painting homes, hanging with Gordie.
Somehow this came up one night and we started this Google quest to find Gordie...
Gordie has become an honorary unpresent member of our get-togethers...
the other evening, the homeschool dad brought over this bottle - a gift he apparently got from Gordie--you probably had to have been there!
*I am still laughing today!*

I can't wait to read what you are thankful for!  Please link up!