Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The World's BEST Primer!

Okay, this isn't a design blog, but once upon a time before homeschooling and blogging, making my house a home was my favorite past time.  I painted and cleaned and scrubbed and sanded and sewed and matched color palettes and finished furniture and I loved every minute of it!

When we moved to this house, most of the walls were covered in wallpaper.  I steamed off the wallpaper, sanded the walls and then scrubbed them clean.  Then I primed with a latex primer and it was like a crackle effect.  It was 2004 and I didn't know about blogs, or I would have taken a picture!  

Then I went and bought Kilz oil-based primer.  Yes, it's a bit stinky (open windows!) and yes, it takes more than just soap and water to clean up, but it worked like a charm!  

Hurricane Irene loosened some shingles on our roof and we had to have it replaced.  While we waited for roofers to finally call back and then waited for the right weather and then waited for it to be done...we got some rain storms that left yucky spots on our living room ceiling.  I knew I didn't want to mess around covering them.  I bought some Kilz oil-based primer and touched up just the water spots.  

It took two coats and you can't see a thing!  I was super relieved that the paint I used eight years ago blended easily--I really didn't want to have to re-paint the whole ceiling for a few spots...fortunately, I didn't have to!