Monday, March 26, 2012

Miscellaneous Thoughts on Monday Morning...

1.  Allie and my mom decided to read Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl together, completely without any influence from me--but I must say I am so glad they did this together!  It was a great experience for both of them.  Very bonding.  They read at night before bed and called each other in the morning to discuss.  This Friday, Allie made red velvet cupcakes and my mom came over for dinner and to watch this movie:

2.  I have been going for long walks around my neighborhood.  It's hard to motivate myself.  I would so much rather read or clean the house--ok, I wouldn't actually RATHER clean the house, but I know I NEED to clean the house...and while I walk I might think about all the cleaning of the house I SHOULD be doing.  But really, eventually, I forget about the house and focus on my own thoughts.  It's really meditative and I never regret taking the time out for it.

I take my camera when I walk around my neighborhood, my neighbors probably think I am a nut job.
  I don't do it EVERY DAY.

3.  On Saturday evening, we went out to dinner with our homeschool neighbors.  These poor homeschoolers are just SO unsocialized!

4.  Where my daughter created this:

4.  The dinner outing resulted in our homeschool neighbors inviting our girls to sleepover.  Jason and I found ourselves with a little time on our hands Sunday...what to do?

5.  I have decided to come clean with all of you and just be honest: we are Foodies.  If you have been around here for a bit, you may have figured that out.  But if not, I am ready to admit it.  Some people like expensive cars or toys or travel...we like fine cuisine.

6.  And good beer.

REALLY good beer :)

7.  I think my husband is hot.  I was going to say something about eye candy, but I don't really talk like that and it felt weird.  I sure don't mind this view ;-)  Was very happy to have this date...and it really did feel like a date...our conversation was...interesting...almost like a "get to know you" on our feelings about the Bible and some social issues, political issues...we didn't talk about the kids at all...huh.

8.  In other news, because this is a random and miscellaneous post, I am ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED with the color Robin's Egg Blue.  I am thinking of painting a room in our house this color...just not sure which one yet!  Or maybe just accessorizing with this color....

9.  Before homeschooling and blogging, making my house a home was probably my biggest hobby.  Well, in addition to being a foodie and a beer snob ;-)

10.  We are starting some project based learning in our little homeschool.  Things I want the girls to know, things I see they are interested in...we spend three days doing math, grammar, science, reading about Norse gods, writing...and then the other two days we may finish up math, we usually do an artist study and we immerse ourselves in some kind of project: stop motion videos, writing a play...this week we are going to focus on really learning about the Presidential candidates.  ~ Oh yeah, the hubinator and did talk about the kids at lunch when we hatched this plan!  Whew!  i knew they were in there somewhere! ~ I will let you know how it goes...

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