Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

We enjoyed a family-filled Easter Weekend.

We celebrated Easter & my mom's birthday with my brother, sister-in-law, niece, Grandma and parents.

On Sunday morning, after church, my parents came over for brunch.
Then we drove to my Uncle's home to celebrate Easter with my Aunt & Uncle.
My Uncle treated us to a fabulous cheese assortment.  He could have stopped at the cheese and I would have been happy.  I love cheese!
 My Uncle's LCD TV didn't fit into his wall unit, so he had the TV spot made into a nice bar :)

Since, I was a child, my Uncle has always created elaborate quiz-filled Easter egg hunts,
with riddles and clues and puzzles to solve to get to the next clue.
This year we put a new spin on it and the girls created a game:
Are You Smarter Than Allie and Piper?
The girls created categories, wrote the questions and quizzed the adults!
Then, the adults gave the girls "hot" and "cold" clues to find their Easter gifts.

I really enjoy being with my aunt and uncle.
We have always been close.
When I was little, I would spend weeks every summer at my grandmother's house and my aunt and uncle would take off from work and take me to Manhattan and historic sites and other cool places.
My mom is pretty cool, too ;-)
(So is my dad, but we didn't get any pictures of him!)

Jason took pictures of his dinner and I decided to include them.
Lamb with braised vegetables.
Mashed potatoes, turnips and pears.
Steamed asparagus.

After dinner, Jason, the girls and I went for a walk around my Uncle's neighborhood...
and we took photos.  Because that is what we do.  We love it. We do it where ever we go.  We don't care if we look weird standing under trees and straddling paths...we love to take photos.
You may just see us in your bed of begonias one day!

We had a wonderful Easter and we hope you did as well!