Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thankful Thursday - The Week Before Easter

I usually try to remember to start this post on Thursday or Friday, as soon as I publish the post from the week before.  I try to remember to get on here and type in things as they happen, so I remember them.

This week I am thankful for...

1.  Jason buying me a present for no reason..."just because"...a complete surprise and show of his love.

2.  A long hike around a historic village with our family.
Photo opps at the beach.
Lots of laughter.
Checking out a "funky little place" that was on Triple D.

2.  A long talk with my supervisor at work about some things that were bothering me.  
I feel so much better now!

3.  Finding scallions in the crisper when I forgot I had them, but needed them for a recipe.

4.  Eating clean Monday-Wednesday of this week
(Out to dinner Sunday kinda blew the chances of eating clean that day!)

5.  Walking and/or doing yoga every single day this week.
I can not tell you what a HUGE difference this makes for me!!
I just wish I was better at making time for it!!

6.  My Mom who celebrated a birthday yesterday!!

7.  My girls art classes and spending time with two of my favorite homeschool mamas while they are in class.

8.  Taking one of Giada's cookbooks out of the library this week, finding a lot of recipes I wanted to try and considering buying the book on Amazon, only to have someone put it in the Donation Bin at the library the next day!  (That's God!)

9.  Our second Mother-Daughter Book Club meeting this afternoon.
We are getting a lot of positive feedback from all of the moms and Allie is so thrilled about having put this together and being able to share her love of reading and books with friends.

10.  Looking forward to a weekend of celebrating Easter with family.

11.  Anticipating the timpani and brass in church on Sunday.
There is some serious rockin' of the house that goes on Easter Sunday at our church and it always brings me to tears.