Friday, April 6, 2012

My Girls

Today I am linking up with Kelly's Korner for Moms of All Girls.

I love being the mom of girls.
I love the hair things and the clothes and the dresses.
I love American Girl dolls and all of the clothes and accessories that go with them.

But, I must say, the thing I love most is the relationship that my girls share.

This happened EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. when Allie was in kindergarten.
  As soon as she walked out the door, Piper jumped on her and held on tight!
My girls have shared so many things over the years,  even though they are not twins, they have their own 'thing'.  Their own language, their own way of playing. For years, they would have friends over and my girls would play with each other and the friends would be sitting on the couch and I would have to pull the girls aside to tell them to play with their friends!
Christmas 2007
 These girls could sometimes have some serious attitude ;-)
Halloween 2006
 They also shared their fascination of Disney Princesses that inspired several wonderful trips to DisneyWorld and Land when they were small.

I kind of miss that Disney phase...

They took dancing lessons, but preferred making up their own "moves".

I love how one of them is always looking to the other.

 They have both always had a passion for fashion...and made their fair share of fashion statements ;-)

Allie was wearing the dress over jeans look long before it became fashionable ;-)

They tried all manner of sports

 and dance

and gymnastics

They are older now, but still the best of friends :)

They both love sewing, fashion, art, photography, design...

Personally, I think they both have a gift for design.

and photography

Piper taking pictures Thanksgiving 2006

Piper took this photo of Allie's feet under a bench, I just love it!
I can see them one day opening a boutique together and selling
clothing, jewelry, home accessories that they design and make.

Whatever paths they each choose, I hope that the love and connection that they have will always be a big part of their lives.  I hope the sister-bond that they share is never broken.  I pray they will always be each other's best friend and confidante.  I hope they will always make each other laugh.  I pray they will ALWAYS be there for each other.

You can have your fancy corporate jobs and your big salaries and your prestige and fame and fortune,
I just love being the mom of these girls.