Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Gift to You

For all of the Mom Bloggers who share their ups and their downs, the trials and the joys and the stress of being a mom...for letting me know I am not alone when I lose patience or get frustrated and for helping me see the beauty in the little moments....for all those who have encouraged me on the journey of homeschooling...and parenthood...and life...

My gift to you this Mother's Day is this ebook, it's a compilation of 8 blog posts by 8 different bloggers, giving their perspective on motherhood...what it means...why they love it...what they love about it...what is they get through the rough patches...dealing with the mama guilt...taking care of ourselves and being kind to ourselves.

We've also included journaling pages and meditations and a link to a Daily Devotional for Mothers.

Happy Mother's Day!!!