Monday, June 11, 2012

The Weekend I Stayed Home

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1.  Jason and the girls went camping with friends this weekend.  I was supposed to go, but we realized the outings would have been impossible with our dog and we couldn't lock him in the car while we went canoeing and swimming and I stayed home :)  In theory, this sounded awesome {I could get lots of little projects done} reality... I like being with family, people!
Always eat when you drink alcohol.  

2.  On Friday night, I had some homeschool mom friends over.  I made a spread of food: Chicken Caesar salad, hummus, veggies, dips, friends brought over Banana muffins with Nutella in the middle, ice cream, kale dip and Southwest chicken salad on endive leaves and I 'forgot' to eat any of it.  I just got caught up in the moment...and the wine really hit me.  Ugh.  Those are the moments you pray you didn't say something stupid.  I can totally see why people don't drink.

3.  I spent Saturday weeding and mulching and getting some little projects done around here and REALLY missing my girlies and the Hubinator.
Ok, not proud that I bought dyed mulch...I didn't realize it until I got it home.

4.  I finally finished this book.  It was awesome!  I love Elizabeth Berg!
Once Upon a Time, There Was You was excellent!

5.  I also watched several episodes of "SisterWives" on Netflix...I am absolutely fascinated by sub-cultures.

6.  I spent Saturday night "hanging out" with Dr. JJ on the phone.  I love our catch-up marathon phone calls and was so thankful for her thoughtful words of encouragement when I was missing my girlies and the Hubinator.  She reminded me that I get lots of alone time with the girls and this was Jason's time with them.  She also said I could call her during the night if I was scared {of being alone in the house}...what a great friend!

7.  Also on Saturday night, I turned on the fancy schmancy Lutron light switch in the dining room...heard a pop! and blew the breaker!  I had to trudge out to the garage in my nightgown (shhh...don't tell anyone) and throw the breaker back.  When I got in, the dining room light was on and I couldn't turn it off.  This is the third fancy schmancy Lutron light switch in nine years....I went to Home Depot and bought a cheap-o dimmer switch.  Less bells and whistles to go kaput when I am home alone!

8.  On Sunday I checked the weather and there was NO RAIN in sight for three days - not in the forecast, not on the radar.  So I sanded the driveway (we have pavers)...only to see dark clouds just as I finished...and to have it pour for a half hour.  UGH!  It is supposed to be rain-free for 24 hours after sanding!  $72 in driveway sand down the gutter - sorry, environment!  
I did spend time photographing the storm rolling in...because that's how I roll...

9.  Sunday night, I was super, duper excited to see my family, hear all about their trip...we took showers, got in our jammies and cuddled together in Jason and my bed talking about our weekend :)  Love those family moments!

10.  We also watched the last episode of Downton Abbey Season Two and now have to wait for Season Three to come out on Netflix...any recommendations for other shows we can watch on Netflix??