Monday, July 2, 2012

American Girl Doll House

Allie asked Jason to help her build a house for her American Girl dolls in her closet.
Daddy-Daughter bonding over building an American Girl house

This was a great project for both of them to bond over.
Jason taught Allie about the importance of measuring and how to use some power tools :)

learning the importance of measure twice, cut once
Allie has since spent DAYS painting and decorating this house :)
Allie created special furniture for the house.

Using recycled household items as doll furniture.
Allie got out stamps and things to decorate.

She saved her money and bought different color (craft) paint for each room and little wooden furniture at Michaels and Hobby Lobby.

she stenciled borders around the tops of walls

Bedroom for one doll

Bedroom for another AG doll

Living Room

She made this chair from a box, some cardboard and fabric scraps.
The pillow was also made from fabric scraps.

American Girl house bathroom

Using recycled household items, fabric scraps and other things she had, Allie created this bathroom for her American Girl dolls in her closet :)