Monday, July 9, 2012

Miscellany Monday & The Civil War

1.  Life is...complicated right now.  Two of our dear family members are battling cancer.  Our hearts, minds, thoughts and love are with them.  We are trying to show our love and support in any way we can.

2.  We finished all of the curriculum I had purchased for last year several weeks ago.  I had craved some carefree, relaxed time, but if you know me, you know I can't just sit around and read books as much as I want to...I have to be busy, busy, busy...all the time...

3.  During our little break, the girls and I took time to create an art and sewing studio in our basement.
the girls have been spending big portions of each day creating in this room; everything from American girl furniture to handbags and pillows.
4.  We were at my father-in-law's this weekend, cleaning and doing some other things to help him out.  The girls weeded and watered his flowerbeds and vegetable garden and he gave them this sewing machine that my mother-in-law used all the time.  They are very excited about it.  There is also an old black Singer ironhead that he said he will dig out and give to them.
My mother-in-law passed away when my girls were just 4 and 6 years old, they love the idea of having her sewing machine.

5.  To free up space in the Art Studio, we moved some of the tall bookshelves and the books up to our living room.  Since these were Billy Bookcases from Ikea, we are using my friend Marcie's suggestion and doing an Ikea hack.  It's been slow going because we have been busy with other things, but we picked up the trim pieces this weekend and will get started on that maybe next weekend if something more pressing doesn't come up.  I will write a post on what we did and how we did it when the bookshelves are complete!
These Billy bookshelves are now attached to the wall, all that is needed is the trim to complete our Ikea Hack ;-)
6.  We are planning a trip through several Southern states to see Civil War sites.  To prepare for this, the girls and I are using the Civil War Trust Lesson Plans.  I had great plans to design my own Civil War Unit Study, but with everything else going on right now, this seems to fit the bill just fine.  I have also selected several books and documentaries and movies that we will watch this month before leaving for our trip.  

7.  In addition to our Civil War historic site touring, we have rented a beach house.  While this seemed like a fabulous idea a few months is causing me tremendous anxiety now.  I am not a traveler.  I don't like to be far from home...and now with two family members in the hospital, I am really having a hard time with the idea of being so far away....

8.  I am holding on to my relaxed feeling from the lake for as long as I can.  I don't want to feel overwhelmed again.  I am taking a proactive stance.  My girls have always helped with housework, usually I ask them to do certain things.  Starting today, I have assigned them things in our home that they are responsible for (in addition to cleaning their bedrooms, art studio and playroom).  Piper is in charge of dusting and washing the kitchen and bathroom floors; Allie is in charge of vacuuming and cleaning the breezeway and wiping down the kitchen cabinets.  

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