Saturday, July 7, 2012

Art Studio!

We have been very busy around here.

When we finished our basement, several years ago, we made an office/library to house our vast book collection and our PC.

Well, things change...and we now use laptops and ipads and The Big Mac in the living room.

So our office became wasted space.

I considered making it a Mom Cave, I actually put this chair in there, thinking it would create a cozy little nook to read in...but I never used it.

Last winter, my dad asked if the girls wanted a sewing table.
They take sewing lessons with my mom and they are CONSTANTLY sewing.
They would LOVE a sewing table--but where to put it??

it dawned on us to make the wasted office space into an art studio!

Large craft table and sewing table.
Piper's wall o' inspiration
Originally, we left the carpet, but all of the fabric scraps and other craft debris was too big for a vacuum and needed to be picked up each piece by hand.  We realized we needed to do something else with the floor.

I had wanted to put down black and white tiles, but the people that owned this house before us had painted the floor.  I did some research and that paint needs to be removed with very toxic, caustic chemicals.  Lots of ventilation required.  Unfortunately, we do not have adequate ventilation for that project with that one tiny window.  So, we rolled up the carpet and left the messy floor so the girls can feel free to paint until their heart's content and not worry about drippy spills.
We decided to leave the messy floor so the girls can paint without worry of drips.
The room is still a work in progress.
We have been looking for nice bins to hold things nice and neat and organized.
I am really thinking we may need one more of these bookshelves too.
Having all the craft supplies in one place with space to spread out and create has made our girls very happy!
still looking for inexpensive bins to hold things nice and neat and orderly
This is NEAT for this room.
Mama can't go in here too often...I start cleaning and get mad that it isn't cleaner.
I am trying to learn about their creative process.  
sewing, crafting, painting
Our old PC is in there for now.  
We use it as a hub for our network.  
When it dies, it will open up more space.  

Having a lot of art supplies in one place has made the art of creating a lot easier.
The girls have spent DAYS in the cool basement, down in their art room
crafting & creating!
marker organizer
Right now we have a little painting corner and a messy floor so we don't need to worry about drips :)