Sunday, July 29, 2012

Not a Traveler

I do not mean to sound ungrateful or that I am not appreciative of what I have.

But I am not a traveler.

Some people get excited by travel...seeing the world, going to new places, trying new things.

It stresses me out.

I actually don't mind the planning.  I find that fun.  Where will we go?  Where will we stay?  Looking at hotels and cottages.  Finding restaurants...anticipating, fantasizing, daydreaming...

But then a few weeks before...the reality that I have to leave my nice, cozy house hits.  I have to go outside my comfort zone.  Suddenly, I am aching to do all of those projects I had been putting off.  Oh, to organize the garage.  Or paint my bedroom.  Or redecorate Piper's room.  I find myself on Pinterest thinking, "Why the heck did I schedule a trip?  I want to paint my bedroom...that would be so new curtains, find some nightstands...maybe I can scour thrift shops like all these bloggers do and paint something funky to put in our room... Oh, that is really what I want to do...."

I start to feel bloated and fat and think: I am going to look horrid in any photos!

I start to panic about a hurricane hitting and destroying my house.

I start to think of how old our little Ollie dog is and what if something happens to him....

I suddenly can't wait to start our school year.

I want to anything and everything BUT go on vacation!

I really do appreciate that I can go on vacation...but I really am such a homebody.  I love knowing my cupboards are stocked with healthy food.  I love planning our meals.  I love nesting and creating a cozy little home for my family.  I love our regular, normal routine life...and I had disrupting it for anything...even a vacation!