Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sharing Summer Beauty Tips/Mishaps & a Giveaway!

My girls have been interested in fashion since they were toddlers with very clear ideas about what they did and did not want to wear. Now that they are 10 and 12, it's not only about clothes, but about make-up, skincare, deodorant and shaving.

Allie is going to help me write this post today. Her writing will be in pink, while mine will be in gray.

I really want to wear make-up, but my mom has said that I have to get really good at remembering to wash my face in the morning and evening so that I don't break-out with pimples. I asked my mom if she wears make-up in the summer.

I wear a little make-up in the summer, mostly sheer foundation that blends with my skin tone, even if I'm in the sun and get a little color. I wear mascara and lipgloss if we are going someplace or I have to work.

My mom always makes us put on sunscreen when we are out in the sun. I worry that sunscreen will clog up my pores and make me get zits. I asked my mom about this.

Wearing foundation with an SPF is important, but if you are at the beach or the swim club, you may decide not to wear foundation. Then it's important to use sunscreen on your face. There are sunscreens that don't contain oil and that won't clog your pores.
I asked my mom about carrying make-up with her.

I usually have some lipgloss in my purse, mostly because I forget to take it out. I carry blotting papers and face powder because I have oily skin and, well, in the summer, I perspire. I was happy that Allie shared with me that, in a pinch, you can use napkins as blotting papers.

I was wondering if you should wear mascara when it is a kazillion degrees out. I thought it might streak down your face if it was really hot and you got sweaty or went swimming.

You can wear waterproof mascara, you just have to be more careful about how you take it off, but waterproof mascara typically doesn't run.

Since my mom always tells us to wear sunscreen, but I always hear her talking to her friends about when they were young and laid out to get tan, I thought I would ask her about that.

Oh, yes! I grew up on the Jersey shore at a time when slathering yourself in baby oil and laying out was the thing to do. We thought tan was beautiful. One time I laid out with baby oil on and fell asleep and fried like a lobster. I was bright red and couldn't even sit down. I couldn't go to school the next day and my mom took me to the doctor.

I was also curious about how often my mom shaves her legs in the summer and how she avoids getting cuts on her legs because I really don't want to have to wear a band-aid on my legs and have everyone know I cut myself shaving!

I always shave my legs if we are going to the pool or the beach. It's especially important in the summer to use a shave gel like Gillette Satin Care Passionista Fruit Shave Gel which has a super fruity summery smell. The rich formula will help your razor glide over your skin and leave your skin really soft and silky.

It is important to use a good razor all year, but especially in the summer when you are showing off your legs. You don't want to show nicks and cuts and scabs, so it's very important to use a razor that contours to your leg and gets a close shave, like the Venus Embrace razor.

I am so impressed with the pivoting head on the Venus Embrace and how gentle it is, that it is the only razor I allow my 12-year-old -- who is brand new to shaving -- to use. Luckily, it has interchangeable refill cartridges so we can replace the blades after every few shaves, when they get dull.

I trust the Venus Embrace to give her a close shave without nicks or cuts because the razor has a Ribbon of Moisture that really works, as well as cushioning on the head that helps the razor get close enough to skin to cut the hairs and leave skin smooth, while providing a buffer to help minimize nicks and cuts.

The comfort grip handle gives me peace of mind that Allie won't drop the razor and cut herself in the shower. The comfortable shave makes this the "no brainer" choice for my daughters who are new to shaving! For great tips for moms of first time shavers, go here.

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