Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer Celebrations

My parents own a house on a lake. We look forward to spending summer holidays there.

Each July Fourth, there is a boat parade. This year, Allie came up with the idea to dress up as George Washington crossing the Delaware River. My mom made wigs and three point hats. We tied bandages around our heads to be wounded warriors.

my dad, the captain of our boat, getting bandaged as a wounded Revolutionary War warrior for the Annual Boat Parade on the Lake.
My mom, an avid seamstress who gives my girls sewing lessons each winter, was Betsy Ross, sitting in our boat "sewing" the American flag :)
Jason is a method actor who gets really into character .

George Washington and Betsy Ross talking
It's important to remember our Founding Fathers and the ideals that this country was founded upon.
We took first place in the annual boat parade this year!!!

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