Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thankful Thursday - the July Fourth edition

There are so many things to be thankful for...

our forefathers and their "experiment" with freedom, liberty and independence, as Ben Franklin explained to us when we went to Philadelphia last winter

those who have fought for and those who continue to fight for our freedom and liberty 

those who fight for ALL Americans to have a good life

I am thankful that we get to spend holidays on this lake

I am thankful for the boat parade

I am thankful for smart girls who come up with the idea of dressing up as George Washington and the boat that he crossed the Delaware River in on Christmas 1776.
I am thankful for a crafty mom that pulled it all together!
annual boat parade on the lake, upstate NY

I am thankful that my girls get to grow up spending summers on this lake with these kids.
Friends who are becoming more like family.
Holding hands as they jump off the floaty dock.
Encouraging each other with water skiing and kneeboarding and windsailing.
Staying in the water together, laughing and talking until way past dark
while the parents sit on the shore, by the fire, talking and laughing.

Summer fun at the lake in upstate NY

I am thankful for an almost-child-free afternoon with a friend
who understands me, who I can say anything to and who accepts me for who I am :)
I am thankful for our new nicknames
watermelon, lime juice and vodka mixed in the blender--low cal, hydrating...what more can you ask for in a cocktail?
watermelon cubes + lime juice + vodka + blender = yummo! low cal, hydrating cocktail!

I am thankful that Dakota didn't eat Oliver

Dakota, boxer

I am thankful for familizing
sharing meals
yummy dishes that were shared with us
laughter & fun & friendship

sharing dinner with friends

I am thankful for the tradition of flares on the lake,
each house gets a flare and at 9:15pm everyone lights them.
Then people all around the lake take turns lighting off fireworks.
It's gorgeous!

fireworks & flares over lake upstate NY

I am thankful for my husband,
who likes to experiment with photographing fireworks.

fireworks and flares over lake in upstate NY

I am thankful that Jason ran around both lakes each morning
and that he and our friend have committed to doing the Boilermaker Race next year.

I am thankful to morning kayak cruises with my mom,
our long talks and quiet moments together.

I am thankful for my morning walks alone, with Jason and with Toot ;-)
I am thankful for so many photo opps at the lake
I am thankful for sky lanterns
how cool they look in the sky
the filling as they fill with hot air and are ready to take off...

I am thankful for just-before-bed boatrides
funny stories told on the boat
laughter among family

I am thankful for my girls and how they adore each other

I came across my girls like this and luckily had a camera handy!
I am thankful for all of these beautiful children and their beautiful families and the time we get to spend together each summer.
So thankful to friends

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