Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Q & A - Food

1.  Do your kids really try Afghani and Ethiopian food?  How do you get them to do that?  I am not even sure I am brave enough to try escargot!

Jason and I were both raised to be thankful for the food that was on our plate.  We were both brought up in homes were the whole family sat down to the same meal every night.  We've raised our girls the same way.  As babies they sat in their baby swing next to the table while we ate.  When they got a bit older, they sat in their high chair at the table while we ate.  We would take turns giving them bites of their baby food between bites of our own meal.  Since they began eating table food, they have always eaten what we eat.   When they were first eating table food, I toned down spices and seasonings and made a lot of stews and soups, because the vegetables and things are mushier in stews and soups.  I would give them just the vegetables, meat and noodles or potatoes from the stew or soup (no broth) and cut it in tiny pieces.  Gradually this worked into regular table food.

Jason and I tend to be adventurous eaters and are willing to try different things.  We lead by example, so our girls have never seen us turn up our nose at trying something and I guess that is why they have been willing to try all different kinds of things.  We all look at it as an adventure.

Escargot taste like mushrooms and are a similar consistency ;-)

2.  You have mentioned that you have an eating disorder, yet you also seem like you and are a "foodie".  How is that so?

I do have an eating disorder.  I am a foodie.  I have a lot of "bad foods" and some "good foods".  Any kinds of chips, cakes, cookies, etc. are "bad foods" for me.  If you meet me and I am eating them, you can bet I am considering it a binge.  Most "foodie" type foods, however, are healthy foods: lean meats, vegetables, etc.  My thing is to make every calorie and fat gram count.  I am not going to waste calories on a fluffernutter or some fast food.  I want my calories/fat to have substance and flavor and be pleasurable to eat...then I don't consider it a binge.  I actually think my eating disorder has fueled my fascination with food and the many flavors and sensations and experiences food can bring.

3.  You have some great recipes and have definitely encouraged me to cook more.  Do you use organic products?  Non-GMOs?

Since I was 12 years old, I have had "bad foods" and the list is long.  These are things that I can't eat or consider a binge if I do eat.  I can't add to that list.  Due to my eating disorder, there is no 'middle ground', no compromise.  Either food is good and safe or bad and a binge.  I can't add non-organic and non-GMO to that list because then anything that is not organic would be considered a binge.  It would become an obsession for me.  It may be hard for someone who does not have an eating disorder to understand, but I would hope they can respect and accept that.

I do buy organic when it's available and affordable, and I look at that as a treat rather than 'the only way to eat'.