Friday, July 13, 2012

Favorite Resource: Civil War Trust Curriculum

I love historic sites.

Since I was a little girl, I loved reading about American history and imagining myself living in different time periods.  I loved visiting historic sites and pretending I lived there back then.

We are planning a tour of several Civil War sites in Pennsylvania, Virginia, North & South Carolina and Georgia.

To prepare for our trip, we have been studying the events leading up to the Civil War and the Civil War itself.

My favorite resource this week is The Civil War Trust.

The Civil War Trust provides information and maps on each place that we will visit.

The Civil War Trust has apps for touring Civil War sites.

The Civil War Trust provides extensive reading lists for adults and children on the Civil War. We are all reading books about the Civil War and sharing what we learn at dinner each night.

The Civil War Trust provides fabulous lesson plans for elementary, middle and high school.  We are using a combination of elementary and middle school lesson plans.

The Civil War Trust provides FREE printable lesson plans, powerpoint presentations (we use SlideShark to view them on an ipad--easy peasy!), movies and worksheets.
Powerpoint presentation provided by Civil War Trust

The Civil War trust provides cards to print out and use to create Timelines of events, which is SO HELPFUL for my very visual learners who like to see everything spelled out in order to get a real feel for how it all went down.
timeline cards provided by Civil War Trust

The Civil War Trust has been an invaluable resource for learning about the Civil War.

They offer an option where you can make a donation to help keep things going--something we are more than happy to do!

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