Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thankful Thursday - the FRIENDS edition

In November 2011, I began counting my blessings in a post each week.  As soon as I posted, I would open a new post and as things happened over the course of the week, I would log them in.  It changed my life.

I have always known that I had amazing friends who would be there for me, but this week one of those friends came through for me in a way that I NEVER imagined!  I can not even begin to explain how grateful I was that when I discovered something while on the phone with a friend, they literally dropped EVERYTHING, came over and took care of a situation that could have been very traumatic for our family.
I am beyond grateful!
It was a situation that I thought twice about telling my kids about, but in the end decided to tell them what AMAZING friends we have.

I am thankful for how my girls' friends have really supported them through everything with Ollie.
It is just amazing to me to see young children so comfortable and able to address this and be there for a friend through cards and calls and emails and gifts they made.
I am SO, SO grateful that my girls have these quality friends.

I am also thankful for impromptu dinners with the homeschool neighbors and fun plans this weekend with the homeschool neighbors!  Our relationship is relaxed & easy.  We pool our food: they are having chicken, we are having steak; they have a kale salad, we have grilled veggies...we bring all the food to one house, cook together and enjoy the evening.  Easy.  No cleaning, no prep, no worry about the toothpaste in the bathroom sink or the books spread around the kitchen. 
I am thankful for girls who love to read and write and create.

I am thankful for being able to go see my uncle with my brother.

I am thankful to children's librarian extraordinaire who plies my girls with crafty goodness when they come to work with me and allows them to create whatever they want!

I am also thankful for:

steel-cut oatmeal

good books

friends to laugh with

Snap Circuits

Greek Salad

yoga and how it makes me feel calm and peaceful and re-charged when I need to feel that way


my green capri pants (maybe that sounds cheesy but I seriously love them!)

my husband completely detailing my car for me - inside & out--it's like BRAND-Y new again!

Jersey tomatoes

making marinara from scratch with fresh Jersey tomatoes with Jason

What are you thankful for?
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Reading these posts each week always inspires me!