Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Draw of Tybee Island

Every morning, I went for a long walk alone around Tybee Island.
I do this at home, too.
I enjoy the peace and quiet and being alone with my thoughts.

One morning I brought along my camera and tried to capture the feel of this island.

There is a homey, comfortable, down to earth feel to Tybee Island.

On the way from Charleston to Tybee, we stopped in Hilton Head to see what that was like.  We were worried that we would like it better and be disappointed that we had chosen Tybee instead.

We were on Hilton Head for a total of maybe a half hour and Jason COULD NOT GET OUT OF THERE FAST ENOUGH.  It was Crowded, the roads were clogged with traffic.  There were some cool things like bike paths that go over these wooden bridges from which you may be able to see alligators.

But Hilton Head felt trendy and commercialized and too built up to us.  We like a more laid-back, off the beaten path, funky, cool atmosphere and Tybee Island has that and more!

Confederate Crab---personality galore!

Most of the signs, even for business are hand painted--I LOVE that!

funky bungalows

modern masterpieces

the quaint cottage we rented

One of these houses, I believe, belongs to John Cougar.  

The house below is owned by Paula Deen and she rents it out through Mermaid Cottages.
Paula Deen's house on Tybee Island