Sunday, August 12, 2012

The One in Which I BORE You with My Vacation Photos: Charleston, Day 1

thirteen hours in the car, we arrived in Charleston, South Carolina.
Let me first just say that 13 hours in the car was really NOT a big deal.  Jason & I took turns driving.  We all dozed.  We stopped at Panera for coffee and muffins and a bathroom break.  We realized that audio books just do not work for us, our minds drift too much; but audio-short stories are PERFECT for us--thanks, Jess!  Jason and I had fun playing DJ with our ipods and reminiscing about songs from our youth and dating days...our wedding, etc.  We had family sing-alongs and were happily surprised to find that our girls knew the words to some songs.

Charleston, South Carolina is BEAUTIFUL, y'all.  Seriously, beautiful.  I want to rent a house on Folly Beach or Kiawah Island and spend a week at the beach & exploring Charleston.
We almost didn't go to Charleston, but the house we picked on Tybee was not available until Monday...we didn't want to waste the weekend vacation we went to Charleston and I AM SO GLAD WE DID.

first night in you not adore the cobblestone streets.
Heels, schmeels...I'll take my heels off to walk on these streets!

My Mama-heart swoons and melts at the sight of my beautiful girl growing up!

Anson on Anson Charleston...Allie had her first FRIED GREEN TOMATO and ordered them everywhere they were on the menu--and she abhors tomatos!

SCORE!  Civil War sketches line the walls of Anson!

These two have always had a special bond <3
My Husband...
Do y'all get tired of me yammering on about how awesome my husband is?  I hope I don't seem gloat-y.  The thing is, Jason and I married young and we grew up together.  I never would have known 18 years ago all that we would have in common. Jason and I are both into photography.  My husband is a FAR superior photographer than I am.  I am in awe of him--and that is a GOOD thing!  He got up early -ostensibly to go for a run - on our first full day in Charleston, but after seeing the sun start to rise, came back to our hotel room, grabbed his gear and tripod and went to film the sunrise.  Amazing!  

How can you look at the sunrise and doubt that there is something out there so much bigger and greater than we are?

the day is just dawning...

The Battery, Charleston

The Battery just waking up 

The Battery, Charleston

just a little while, Jason said he HAD to come back because he wanted to share the beauty of it all with me.  He knew I would love it, too.  His first words were, "It is one beautiful city...and it just put on quite a show for me!"

I will bore you with MORE vacation photos ;-)