Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall Crafts: Leaf Waxing

Fall is such a fun time of year.
There are a lot of really fun projects that you can do with kids to help decorate your home.
Most kids love crafts and what is better than making crafts to decorate your house with?

This is the scene in front of the school around the corner from my house...

Take your kids for a walk around the neighborhood, and encourage them to pick up vibrant leaves.

maple leaves

Wax Leaves
We just loved the colors of fall leaves and we wanted to make a garland and decorate inside our house with the leaves.
We decided to wax the leaves.
This was actually WAAAY easier than I ever would have thought.
We picked up some paraffin wax at the store. 
It's about $3.99

There are 4 bars of wax in the box.
They are easy to separate.
We used one bar for about 60 leaves.
We bought a disposable aluminum pan,
so we wouldn't ruin our good pans.
We melted the wax on the stove.
You really need to watch it.

Then we dipped the leaves in the wax by the stem so it covered the top and bottom.

 We laid the leaves out on newspaper to dry.

To make the garlands, I took some raffia.

And just simply tied it around the stems of the leaves.

Tomorrow I will share tips on making papier mache pumpkins with your kids!