Wednesday, December 26, 2012

26 Acts of Kindness

I hope you felt the peace and joy of Christmas in your heart and your home yesterday.

I don't know about your family, but in our family gatherings and our gatherings with friends this season, a common topic that came up was the recent events in Sandy Hook, CT.  Many of us are feeling like we want to do more, to help more, to make a difference here.

"Imagine if everyone could commit to one act of kindness for each precious life lost.  An act of kindness big or small.  Are you in?"  ~ Ann Curry, Correspondent, Anchor NBC 

I am happy to join with a group of bloggers to encourage others to think about how they can perform acts of kindness.  

Acts of Kindness for Newtown

You can send condolence cards to the people of Newtown, make snowflakes to help create a Winter Wonderland when the children of Sandy Hook return to school and even send cards or gift baskets to the Newtown Police Department, among many other things.

You can also do simple things in your own community in honor of the lives lost in Newtown. 

  • Bring a basket of baked goods to a neighbor
  • Make care packages for the homeless in your community
  • Make a donation to your local food bank
  • Volunteer at your local animal shelter
  • Volunteer at your local food bank
  • Volunteer at your local school or hospital
  • Let the person with only a few items ahead of you in line
There are so many things we can do just as part of our everyday life.  Do you see a person with a walker crossing the street?  Did you see someone trip and fall?  Could you help someone with something?  Can you give or donate something? Look around in your everyday life with a heart for helping, an eye for kindness, a resolve to make these lives not have been lost in vain.  

For more inspiration, check these resources: 366 RAK, 26 Acts, More Inspiration.

Please link up your ideas for random acts of kindness below.

Here are some printables
if you want to hand them out 
along with your acts of kindness.

We are NOT doing this for a pat on the back or positive comments.  In fact, I would prefer you NOT to leave a comment on this post.   If you do, please just make it a suggestion of a random act of kindness you can perform for others.