Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pakistani Brunch

One of our favorite things to do as a family is to try different restaurants.
If we get to try different world cuisines, all the better.

Recently we tried a Pakistani brunch.
Pakistani Brunch Buffet

We all love Indian food and Pakistani food is very, very similar to Indian food.

Jason was pretty excited to try goat.  
That is the great thing about a buffet--you can try something without committing to it.
Maybe you don't want a whole plate of something...but a taste is different.
I did not want to taste goat.

Pakistani Brunch Buffet

The girls found a lot of the food too spicy.
Jason and I were all over the spiciness!

I really should have made a point of learning the name of this girls DEVOUR it!
It's some kind of sweet starch.

The girls were also really excited about Jell-o for some reason.
Maybe because I only make it when they have a stomach virus.


Pakistani Brunch Buffet

Pakistani Brunch buffet

These sponge cake balls SOAKED in honey were AMAZINGLY declicious!

The rice pudding was also really good.
Made with jasmine rice--yummo!

The girls were all about the naan, of course.

I am often asked how I get my kids to eat so many things.
I think the main thing is that Jason and I talk about our excitement at trying different foods and the girls hear that and think trying new foods is fun and exciting, so they get excited about it, too.

Our kids really are observing us and how we react to things, how we feel about things and think about things.  We need to be intentional about how we want them to perceive the world.

What different cuisines have you tried recently?