Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thankful for Poppy & Mama!

My parents have always been there for me.  They may not have always understood what I was doing or agreed with what I was doing, but they were always my cheerleaders, always asking how things were going and what they could do to help.
My dad and Allie made this nail polish holder this week.
Jason and I started thinking about homeschooling five years ago when Allie was in 2nd grade and my parents were completely and totally against the idea and convinced me not to do it.  Over the next two and a half years, we became more and more dissatisfied with our girls' experience in the public education system--we didn't like the emphasis on the test, we didn't agree with the spiral approach, our girls never did projects, there was absolutely NO creativity in the classroom, the list goes on and on....
My dad taught Allie how to solder; how to hold the torch, how to apply the solder, she did this all herself.

After years of telling us NOT to homeschool, when we made the decision that we were going to homeschool.  My parents didn't act disgruntled, they didn't sigh and hem and haw, they didn't roll their eyes, they didn't tell us we were making a mistake...No, they didn't do any of know what they did?  My parents rolled up their sleeves and said, "What can we do to help?"
Allie made this nail polish holder all by herself with help from my dad.

My mom may have asked my girls early on (many times) if they really liked homeschooling.  She may have told them many times that they could tell her if they did not like it.  She may have told me many times that if she ever saw them not getting what they need she would let me know or if she ever thought they should go back to school, she would let me know.  But after a few months, my parents became huge proponents of homeschooling.  They see a positive difference in our girls.  They see that our family relationship is stronger.  They see our girls reading and creating and learning and being relaxed and happy with a full and active social life and they acknowledge all of that.
Piper made this top for her American Girl doll this week with my mom.

My dad drives over to my house every Monday morning before I leave for work and picks up my girls and brings them to my parents' house where my parents teach them skills that I can not teach them.  Life skills.  Skills that were traditionally handed down from generation to generation.  My mom teaches the girls to sew.  My dad teaches them woodworking and soldering.
Piper decided to make the shirt reversible.

I am so, so, so thankful that my girls are growing up with such a strong connection of family.  I am thankful that they have this relationship with their grandparents.  In our fast paced world, it is rare today for kids to get to see their grandparents at least once a week and it rarer still for those grandparents to actually impart a skill to their grandchildren.  But I am so grateful that my girls have the time and that my parents make the time to spend with my girls every single Monday.  My girls may not realize it now, but that time, the lessons learned and the bond that is formed will be priceless to them in years to come.
In January, Piper and my dad designed this table and built it together.
Piper still has some sanding and then staining or painting to do on it.

Thank you,
Daddy & Mom!!

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