Saturday, March 16, 2013


Today I stopped at my dads shop to say hi. He's 79 1/2 years old......still trying to get over a cold he has had for a few days now, he's blind in one eye and 50% blind in the other, his hearing is only 40% or less, and he almost died twice last year. (he's ok now)
But yet he still gets up everyday and spends the morning with my mom then goes to work in his shop and manages to do small detailed work all the way up to heavy lifting jobs......
For many of us, we learn many important lessons from our fathers. And whether we learn those from good examples, or in some cases, by bad examples that we seek to not repeat and improve on, the fathers and men in our lives help shape who we are.
If more MEN had the work ethic, determination, and love for his family like my father George Sr. has.
This world would be a better place!!
Thanks dad for teaching me all your great qualities in life! Love you