Sunday, March 17, 2013

Seven COOL Homeschoolers Debut!

Youtube is such a great tool.  People can create videos and upload them to share with the world.  You can become an overnight sensation because of youtube.  The power of this lies squarely with you.  No need for an agent, no need to get "discovered" by a talent scout.  You just need a clever idea and the guts to make and post a video.

Piper and Allie love youtube.  They have several favorite channels.  They love collaborative channels, where several different people post different videos on different topics and themes.  Last summer, Piper realized that there was not a collab channel for homeschoolers and she started talking about starting one.  

A few weeks ago, she decided to go ahead and make it happen.  A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post to see if we could find anyone else who would be interested in being part of a collab channel of homeschoolers.  To our delight, we had nine interested girls!  

Piper emailed all of the interested girls to find out what day was good for them to post.  She came up with a schedule and two months of weekly themes.  She decided that because we are all so busy, we should give the girls a few weeks to make a few videos, edit them and play around before starting to upload them to the site.  Piper has learned the value of being organized, the importance of communication and the responsibility of being a decision maker for a project like this.  I am so proud of the initiative she has shown with this project!

Last week, she and I spent two days playing around with Lightroom and Photoshop and creating a background for the youtube channel!  

This week we launch!  It's been very exciting!!